Sana’a Refers 4.5 billion YR Corruption Cases to Public Prosecution

The “Central authority for Control and Accountability” in Sana’a revealed corruption files in “Gas Company” and the Post, amounting to nearly four billion and 600 million riyals, indicating that the two cases were referred to the Public Prosecution.

The report of the Central organization clarified that “a case was referred to the Public Prosecution Office on February 3, 2021, with cases of embezzlement.”

Seizure and facilitating the seizure and damage of public funds in Yemen Gas Company, the damage amounted to four billion and 528 million and 469 thousand riyals.

He pointed out that “another case was referred to the Public Prosecution Office on March 29, 2021, in the case of embezzlement of public money, in Al-Sawadiyah Post Office, Al-Baidha province, the damage amounted to 34 million and 169,000 riyals.

The report also revealed that “many imbalances and deficiencies continued in the policies and procedures followed by the ministry.”

in appointing its representatives without taking into account the availability of the qualifications and experience necessary to fill positions in government agencies “general managers of financial affairs, financial managers, account managers, purchasing managers, store and fund keepers” according to the agency’s review report to Finance ministry for the first half of 2020.

The report also indicated, “A number of representatives in the ministry continued to work for long periods in a number of agencies without taking into account their regular change.” In addition to the ministry’s expansion in spending in some items and without commitment to the bases and standards of specified exchange in the financial law and its executive regulations,” in the Finance ministry during the same period.

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