Al-Sabiha Tribes Force STC’s Head to Return to Aden

Sabiha tribes in Lahj province, south of Yemen, forced the head of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC), to return to the city of Aden.

According to local sources, the head of the STC, Aidarous Al-Zubaidi, returned to the city of Aden after arriving in Muthalth Al-Anad area, was received a notification of the danger of his visit to the Karsh area of Lahj.

The sources indicated that Al-Zubaidi’s return to Aden came after threats made by the Al-Sabiha tribes loyal to Saudi Arabia.

This comes after the sheikhs of Al-Sabiha refused to meet with Al-Zubaidi, on a visit described as humiliating to Ras Al-Ara area, west of Lahj.

Al-Zubaidi seeks to display his presence and impose his influence in the Islah-held Lahj province, the northern gateway to the city of Aden.

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