Saudi Arrangements to Transfer Hadi’s Powers

A minister in Hadi government revealed Saudi arrangements to transfer Hadi’s powers, what confirms the news of Hadi’s appeal to Houthis in an attempt to save his position.
Exclusive -Alkhabar Alyemeni:
Saleh al-Jabwani, the former transport minister, said that Saudi Arabia is currently studying Riyadh Agreement, which names Muin Abdul-Malik as head of the government, which means taking away the powers of Hadi, whose “legitimacy” based his on Gulf initiative and preventing his continuous efforts to dismiss Muin.
Al-Jabwani expected the transferring of Hadi’s powers to Maeen during the coming period.
Al-Jabwani did not reveal the motives of the Saudi trend, and whether it is related to the obstacles that Hadi puts it against the implementation of Riyadh Agreement or the Saudi move to appease Houthis in order to get out from Yemen’s war quagmire, but the timing of Al-Jabwani’s talk with the widening conflicts within “legitimacy”, specifically between Hadi and Al-Burkani, not to mention Hadi abandoned his allies in Islah party and Ali Mohsen by pushing his foreign minister, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, who visited Russia and Oman to search for a deal that remains Hadi in the scene. In addition moving Russian and Omani mediations to Sana’a confirm that the decision to turn the page of “legitimacy” is imminent.

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