Coalition Strike Four Provinces by 16 Airstrikes

The Saudi coalition Air forces on Monday continued on committing the cease-fire agreement in Hodeida province, while the coalition fighter jets launched 16 airstrikes on four provinces over the past 24 hours, a military official in Sana’a government said.

The coalition forces committed 79 violations, including the establishment of new combat fortifications in al-Jabaliya and the dropping of eight shells from reconnaissance planes on al-Tuhaita area and the 50-meter street in Hodeida city, said the official.

In Sa’ada province, the coalition warplane launched an airstrike on Razeh district and another airstrike on Ketaf district and hit an al-Malaheet area in the al-Dhaher district with two raids.

In Hajjah province, the warplane hit Haradh district by three raids, and eight on Serwah district in Marib province, an airstrike on Khab Washa’af in Jawf province.

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