Political Fears of Popular Deluge to Wipe out Local Authority in Taiz

Activists in Taiz city warned against the political parties’ attempt to jump on the popular uprising against the corruption practiced by the local authority in the city, through pushing its members to raise banners that dwarf the goals of the popular movement.

Exclusive- Alkhabar Alyemeni:

The Hungry Revolution Movement called on the masses to carry their banners from their homes and write their slogans on papers, cartons and fabrics, and raise them high in the demonstration, as information confirmed that the participating parties in the local authority printed a large number of banners to raise them in the demonstration and divert its course.

A circular circulated by activists; it was stated:

We were informed that the parties printed slogans to be distributed to the demonstrators, in order to dwarf the popular demands… Brothers who will participate in the mass demonstration tomorrow, come out with your slogans and do not accept the slogans of the parties.

Write your slogans on paper, cartons, and fabrics and carry them, because they are the ones that will express you and those who will stand in your way. Know that they belong to a particular party.

The demonstrations aim to achieve six main goals:

1- Isolating the local authority، forming a local authority of competencies away from partisan quotas, appointing security and military leaders in the governorate with expertise, and adopting clear and precise criteria in all appointments.

2- All corrupt people are held accountable without exception

3- Prosecuting those involved in violations against citizens and those behind them

4 -Treating the wounded situation

5- Stop looting of lands and return the looted lands and homes to their owners

6- Disclosure the people of Taiz’s about the funds provided to support the fronts and to where they went.

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