Will Hodeida Escalation Undermine Humanitarian File Efforts?

Coalition escalated politically and militarily in Hodeida file, on the western coast of Yemen, in a move that coincides with an international movement to move the humanitarian file which indicates efforts to shuffle the cards by exploding the situation militarily in the most important lifeline that supplies millions of Yemenis in the north with fuel and food. So, what are the escalation repercussions on the West Coast?

Exclsive- AlKhabar Alayemeni:

Militarily, the coalition fighters launched six raids on AlSalif area, which contains the most important seaport, according to what the official Saba news agency published in a statement.

These raids coincided with a noticeable escalation in the daily violations to the Sweden Agreement, where the Liaison Officers room, in charge of monitoring the implementation of Sweden agreement, recorded more than 133 violations, including the flight of nine spy planes.

These military moves come in parallel with a political movement that emerged with the statement’s escalation of Hadi government officials, most notably the Minister of Water and Environment, who called on the countries bordering Red Sea to prepare a plan to confront Safer disaster, which contains nearly one million barrels of crude oil. In conjunction with the allegations of Information minister of Hadi government, the deployment of naval mines around the floating ship off the western coast of Yemen, meanwhile, coalition continues to claim that Hodeida port used as a base to attack Saudi ports benefiting from UN reports on the humanitarian situation and children in the city, all attempts to shed light on the western coast, within escalation plans, it appears that Saudi Arabia is trying to mix up the international movement for peace in Yemen, which is currently focusing its efforts on lifting the siege, opening  Hodeida port and Sana’a airport, this is rejected by Saudi Arabia, which requires a cease-fire first in order to stop the attack on the city of Marib, and then enter into a discussion on the aggravated humanitarian situation as a result of the siege it is imposing on Yemeni cities in the north.

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