Second Attack in 24 Hours, Sana’a Air Force Targeted King Khalid Airbase

Sana’a Air forces on Sunday dawn carried out an offensive operation at King Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushit, south-west of Saudi Arabia.

Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, announced that the air force targeted King Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushait with a Qasef-2k drone, stressing that the attack was accurate.

He indicated the attack came in response to the escalation of Saudi-led coalition and the continuation of the siege on the Yemeni people.

As, the air force was targeting King Khalid Air Base dawn yesterday with two Qasef-2k drones.

This is the second attack in less than 24 hours. King Khalid air base has been repeatedly targeted due to its military importance in terms of its location closest to the Yemeni border, which makes it easier for Saudi warplanes to take off and hit their targets across Yemen.

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