Controlling 150 km, 40 Military Sites, Sana’a Forces Launch Massive Attack on Saudi Territory

Sana’a forces backed by the popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) have taken control of an area of more than 150 square kilometers on Jizan front during a major military operation, a military source reported on Saturday.

According to the source, Sana’a forces launched a large-scale attack of three main tracks on the Saudi army positions in Jizan from the axis of Al-Khouba and Jari Valley, and controlled sites of the “MBC” mountain, ‘Al-Fakhthia’ hills, ‘Al-Baidha hill, ‘Al-Amoud’, ‘Tawaleq’ and ‘Sharq Qaim Sayyab’.

More than 80 Saudi forces were killed and wounded and dozens more were captured in a successful Yemeni army operation in Jizan, southwestern Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with Almasirah News Network on Sat., a Yemeni official disclosed details of a major Yemeni army ground operation in southwestern Saudi Arabia which led the Yemeni forces to take control of tens of Saudi’s positions.

In the large-scale operation, Yemeni forces, with their advancement, managed to completely take control of the targeted positions on the territory of Saudi Arabia and inflict heavy losses on the enemy forces, he added.

He went on to say that a number of officers and soldiers of the Saudi army were killed and wounded in strong ambushes that targeted their armored vehicles.

He continued that dozens of Saudi forces were captured, including a number of Saudis and Sudanese and a large number of bodies were left there and some fled.

Earlier in the day, the Sana’a army’s military media published significant scenes of this offensive operation launched on Jizan front.

On Friday, A military source in the Sana’a Military Media announced that Sana’a army was able to liberate tens of military sites belonging to coalition in Jizan front.

The source revealed in a statement that Sana’a forces launched an offensive on various areas in Jizan front, liberating over 40 military sites and inflicting coalition’s troops heavy losses in lives of Saudi army, Yemeni and Sudanese mercenaries and losses in military equipment.

The source pointed out that the military media will present detailed scenes of the large-scale military offensive operation in which the various combat units participated.

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