STC Declares Refusal to Return to Riyadh Negotiations

The Transitional Council announced officially on Tuesday, its position on the Saudi invitation to return to negotiating table in Riyadh, in a step indicating that the council who UAE allowed its leaders to return from exile is preparing to escalation in southern and eastern of Yemen.
STC spokesperson, Ali Al-Kathiri, said that the priority today for STC is the return of the government to Aden to carry out its duties in providing services to citizens, hinting that it is a condition for dealing with the Saudi invitation to go to Riyadh.
Al-Kathiri’s statements came on the eve of continued Saudi pressure to expel the transitional leaders who arrived to Aden, fearing an escalation that would undermine Riyadh agreement that it concluded with Emirates and is still faltering.
In a previous statement, the Transitional Presidency had threatened that “all open options” to confront what it described as the policy of submission to Hadi government, while Ahmed bin Break, head of the Transitional National Assembly and the most prominent leaders in the hawks wing, threatened to impose measures to pull Aden out of services ordeal.
In the context, the Supreme Military Authority for Security and Southern Army, one of the Council arms in Aden, hinted to an escalation again, considering the continued cuts in salaries unbearable.
For their part, sources in the transitional council revealed the contents of a plan that the transitional is working on, and they were handed over to Ahmed bin Break, in the event if Saudi Arabia forces the transitional head Al-Zubaidi to leave Aden.
The plan includes exploding the situation in new provinces against legitimacy and re-activating the autonomy in Aden, with the aim of pressuring on Hadi government and Saudi Arabia return to achieve more gains in favor of the transitional.

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