Saudi Forces Thwarted STC’s Attempt to Bring Down Aden

Saudi forces stationed in Aden intervened at the last moments to thwart the attempt by the Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s forces to control Qasr Al- Maasheq, the last symbolic stronghold of Hadi in the city, Local sources revealed on Wednesday.

 The sources pointed out that the Saudi forces, together with the presidential protection brigade, responded to armed attack from the STS’s elements, reinforced with Emirati crews and armored vehicles, to storm the Al-Maasheq Palace.

During the early hours of dawn, Aden witnessed a new tension between Hadi’s forces and the UAE-backed (STC) militias after the STC’s troops tried to storm the last strongholds of Saudi-backed Hadi government in Aden.

According to local sources, Hadi’s forces stationed inside the Palace of al- Maasheq, the main headquarters of his government, closed the gates of the palace and took defensive positions after groups of STC militias imposed a siege on the palace in preparation for its incursion.

The sources said the STC was trying to take control of the palace as part of escalatory steps that could include a declaration of a return to self-administration in Aden, through which it aims to press for new gains as it seeks to remove it from the scene.

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