Sana’a Condemns Saudi Abuse of Yemeni Expatriates

The Houthis-run Ministry of Human Rights in Sana’a condemned on Wednesday the Saudi authorities’ imposition on Yemeni expatriates at the ports, the use of corona vaccine twice, with the aim of delaying their work and causing the end of the replenishment of their stays.

“These procedures have no legal justification other than to satisfy the tendency of condescension and persecution practiced by the sick Al Saud regime against expatriates who have been driven by the need to leave their homes in search of a decent life,” the ministry said in a statement.

The statement called on the Saudi authorities to deal responsibly with expatriates and secure them through solutions and treatments that prevent them from committing any violations.

The statement also called on all international bodies and organizations to protect Yemeni expatriates from these abuses, for what they suffer daily heavy losses that compound their suffering.

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