New Accusations to STC in Coordinating with “Houthis” to Expel Coalition

UAE-backed Transitional Council ended, on Monday, the final touches of its next steps, through which it aims to pressure towards a full representation for south in light of local and regional attempts to exclude it.
AlKhabar AlYemeni: Exclusive
Sources in STC revealed earlier today on a consensus among the transitional leaders on the need to announce escalatory steps, such as a return to autonomy in Aden and its environs, during a meeting brought together the head of the council, Aidaroos al-Zubaidi, with the head of the National Assembly and others. This came in conjunction with transfering the battle to Hadi’s strongholds in Shabwah and Hadhramaut. It is expected that STC will effectively drop these steps in the coming days in order to impose it as a fait accompli to force Saudi Arabia to pressure Hadi to make concessions, the least of which is by returning Hadi government to Aden.
Meanwhile, pro-Islah media and activists accused STC of opening a secret line of communication through tribal figures in Sabiha with Sana’a, includes Sana’a amnesty on leaders and sheikhs loyal to the coalition in exchange for launching joint operations aimed at expelling Saudi Arabia and its forces from Aden.
These accusations are not new. The Interior minister in Aden government, Ibrahim Haydan, had previously revealed Houthi’s control over Aden, which he considered it, a reason for refusing the return of Hadi government to the city.

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