“On the Eve of Yemen’s Unity Anniversary, Sana’a Rejects “Failure Repeat

A member of the Political Council, the highest authority in Sana’a, Muhammad Ali Al-Houthi, revealed on Saturday, an international movement in the corridors of the Security Council to reformulate Yemeni unity according to a previous scenario that interfering with Sanaa’s vision for “integration.”

Muhammad al-Houthi stated in a tweet to him on the eve of the thirty-first Yemeni unity anniversary, that what is being discussed in the international corridors includes a quota between the north and the south, in a move he described as a ” failure repeat ” in referring to the mechanism upon which unity was based in the 1990s and It was built on “narrow partisan and personal interests”.

Al-Houthi considered quota to be an obstacle to full integration from the beginning, noting that instead of going in partnership with a national vision and declared goals for building the nation, it was replaced by quota, referring to Sanaa’s rejection of such a step.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia had started this step early with the conclusion of Riyadh Agreement, which includes parity between the North and South at the level of parties and the public office in the framework of its efforts to deepen the division of Yemeni society and in a manner that paves the way for declaring the secession of the south or establishing rival states on the soil of one country.

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