Indicators of a Land Invasion to Saudi Arabia

During the past few days, Sana’a forces have intensified their movements in the depth of Saudi territory at the southern borders of Yemen, in a move that may bear indications to arrangements for a wide ground operation targeting Saudi depth, which during the last period has been fortified by the efforts of calming down

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

In Najran, Sana’a announced the shooting down of a Saudi Air Force drone with an undisclosed missile, while carrying out “hostile” acts in the sky of Najran, according to the Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, earlier.

The shooting down of a plane indicates that Sana’a forces deployed new defense systems in Najran, in preparation as it seems for a ground operation, the indications of its success emerged with the fall of the first reconnaissance aircraft, which officially means the neutralization of the Aviation.

Developments in Najran, which during the past few days witnessed battles between Sana’a forces and Saudi army, as a result of which Sana’a made remarkable progress by controlling several sites, most notably Hammad Military Fort, this coincided with the release of Sana’a spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, a video from the outskirts of Al-Khouba city in Jizan. Conveying the greetings of the military leadership in Sana’a and the “steadfast” Yemeni people, and all of them confirm that the forces of Sana’a, which also fought on Jizan fronts and reached advanced areas in the depths of Saudi Arabia, crowned with brigades and Axis surrender during the last years of the war, it is currently planning to launch a large ground strike for the coalition on Yemen that has lasted for seven years.

In the event that the expectations of a ground operation by Sana’a are correct after a short pause, these may bear several dimensions, most notably that Sana’a will try through the operation to respond on the recent American escalation by classifying two of its forces’ leadership on the sanctions list, and secondly, in response to the escalating raids that left dead and wounded over the past few days. Not to mention the response to Saudi attempts to push for a political settlement based on its initiative for a solution that is rejected by Sana’a and its continued siege for years.

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