Women Rally Against Israeli Crimes in Palestine

Dozens of women of Bani Houshaish district of Sana’a province staged a protest rally on Wednesday to condemn the heinous crimes committed by the Israel’s army against the Palestinian people.

At the rally, the participants affirmed that the Yemeni people stand by the Palestinian people and support their just cause until the liberation of the occupied lands from the usurper “Zionist entity”.

The protesters chanted their speeches and raised banners denouncing the violations and attacks of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people, the bombing of civilian homes, and the targeting of children and women in light of the silence and subservience of the Arab puppet regimes.

They indicated that the Palestinian issue will remain the first central issue for the nation and the Yemeni people.

“We deplore also the collusion and treason by the puppet regimes and their normalization with the Zionist entity that usurped Islamic and Arabic sanctities,” a statement of the rally said.

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