UN Failure in Yemen Should be Properly Addressed

UN does not want to admit its failure in Yemen, and instead of changing its plans, it resorts to changing envoys. A report, by the Middle East Monitor highlighted the need to evaluate the UN’s performance in Yemen, while it awaits a new envoy and carefully searches for the reason for its failure.

The report also suggested that the reason for pushing the enigmatic envoys forward is the weak personality of the international mediator and his inability to understand the roots of the problem. The report added: Indeed, UN deals with Yemen as test ground for envoys with sufficient experience in humanitarian work and modest amount in political affairs.

British Envoy Martin Griffiths has worked extensively on humanitarian programs, as Griffiths worked for UNICEF before moving to the world food program.

The report pointed out that UN strategy in managing the crisis was ineffective. This is particularly due to the fact that those who leave office suddenly become wanted to act as mediators who make bold reconciliation initiatives between parties to conflict, as envoy resorts to bargaining with each side to meet the demands of other.

The report inferred what Griffiths did in Yemen, where he negotiated between Ansarullah and Hadi government, and vice versa.

The report pointed out that Griffiths is begging the coalition to bring oil tankers into Hodeidah, and to amend the conditions for lifting the blockade, to say after that that there is significant progress in the peace process, although the truth is clear there was nothing that has improved for the Yemeni People.

The report concluded that Yemenis, now, are frustrated and angry at the UN envoy who has no experience but to pump negative energy into the process.

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