Saudi Coalition Brings Chechen Fighters to Fight in Marib

Informed sources in Marib province revealed Saturday information about the arrival of foreign fighters on board the plane that carried Prime Minister of Hadi’s government, Moein Abdulmalik, to Marib city.

The sources said that foreign fighters, most of them from Chechnya, arrived in the city of Marib, on board the plane that transported Abdulmalik from Sayoun city in Hadramout province to Marib city.

The sources confirmed that helicopters belonging to the Saudi-led coalition forces transported another number of foreign fighters, who were brought to fight in Marib city, without determining the destination from which they were transferred.

A Batch of Foreign Mercenaries Arrives to Marib  

Residents in Marib city stated in posts on social media that they saw earlier in the day foreign fighters with orange hair and beards and do not speak Arabic in the city.

“Al-Hadath Al-Arabiya” TV channel published a tweet on its official account on Twitter on June 6, 2020, in which it said that Turkey had begun to recruit mercenary fighters in Syria to send them to fight in Yemen.

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