Houthis Draw the Attention Regionally

The Gulf region is witnessing an unprecedented movement, this time entitled “Houthi”, whose news has clouded on the course of events in the region. Following an interview with the Saudi crown prince, in which he flirted “Houthis”, in conjunction with the arrival of Iranian foreign minister to Muscat in an attempt to give the stalled negotiations a push for the sake rapprochement with Saudi Arabia…
Exclusive- Alkhabar AlYemeni:
The talk of Saudi crown prince in his last interview, and in which he devoted a lot of space to flirting “Houthi”, in which he said that he carries “Arab and Yemeni values.” and invited him to sit at the dialogue table, not to mention luring him by economic support after stopping the war and “legitimizing his authority” in Yemen as a whole, all that made unprecedented shock among observers and those interested in the Saudi-led war on Yemen since 2015, under the pretext of confronting the Iranian tide in the region, even the factions loyal to his country in Yemen, this interview carried several dimensions in the view of those interested in, the first is that it preceded the arrival of the Iranian Foreign Minister, Muhammad Javad Zarif, to the Sultanate of Oman, who declared his country’s support for a political solution in Yemen, and he has a special agenda for pulling Saudi Arabia out of Yemen, as part of an attempt to rapprochement with Riyadh in order to strengthen his country’s cards in Vienna negotiations, this indicates that bin Salman is trying to lighten the mood in order to facilitate Zarif’s mission in his new offer in Muscat, the second is that it anticipates the fall of Marib city, the last stronghold of Hadi factions loyal to Saudi Arabia. Indicating that Saudi Arabia, which has failed to defend on the city, despite throwing all its political and military weight, is trying to woo “Houthis” in the hope that they will stop the progress towards the city and break its back after 7 years of war or at least improve its position with them for a period after Marib.
The arrival of the Iranian Foreign Minister to Muscat to meet the delegation of Sana’a before his upcoming visit to Doha, where he is expected to receive a letter from the Saudi Foreign Minister, Faisal bin Farhan, and he delivered it to Emir of Qatar where its details not disclosed, this indicates that Zarif is trying to find out the position of Sana’a and its vision to the solution. Informed sources had earlier expected that it could be carried by Zarif, who aspires to promote greater rapprochement with Saudi Arabia.
On the one hand, it has been proven to Saudis that the solution is from Sana’a and its gate, on the other hand, he stressed that the Yemeni file could not be put into a bargaining on the table of regional and international negotiations.

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