Bin Salman Calls for Direct Negotiations with Anssarullah

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) called, on Wednesday for Direct Negotiations with Yemen’s Anssarullah movement for the first time.

The crown prince’s sudden outreach to the National Salvation Government of Yemen, whose armed forces have been approaching the Saudi-occupied city of Marib, extended to an offer to sit at the negotiating table “to reach a solution that preserves the interests of the region.”

Ben Salman has surprised observers by stressing that “it is a Saudi-Yemeni war”, without pointing the finger at Iran.

According to Yemen News Portal, MBS described Ansarullah in a TV interview as “Arab”, in contrast to his country’s previous claim that the war waged was to confront Iran

In the same interview, MBS spoke of Iran in a diplomatic way, offering Tehran a new agreement ending what he described as “problems.”

He also offered what he described as “economic support” for Yemen in return for such negotiations. These suggested direct talks between Riyadh and Houthis’ government in Sana’a would be an historical development in the conflict.

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