Sana’a Continues Hitting the Depth of Saudi Arabia

Sana’a continued on Saturday its ground and air operations in the depths of Saudi Arabia, amid anticipation for major operations.

Exclusive- Alkhabar AlYemeni:

The military media, of Sana’a forces, published new videos and scenes for operations targeting Saudi forces in Asir and AlJawf, and scenes show the storming of sites and bombing them.

The ground operations coincide with an escalation to air operations that increased during the past hours, with recording two attacks on King Khalid base in Khamis Mushait by drones.

It also comes days after similar operations carried out by Sana’a forces along the border strip of Saudi Arabia, all of that indicate, Yemen is witnessing military confrontations on various fronts. It is heading towards more escalation, especially in light of the threats issued by the military leaders in Sana’a that carried veiled messages to Saudi Arabia. Among the repercussions of its refusal to stop the war and lift the siege imposed for seven years ago.

In a related context, Sana’a announced its rejection to any international pressure to stop controlling the city of Marib, the last stronghold of the coalition factions in northern Yemen.

The Deputy Foreign Minister in the rescue government, Hussein Al-Ezzi, said that Sana’a respects all calls for peace in Yemen but rejected all international pressure aimed at protecting terrorism in Marib.

Al-Ezzi indicated that Marib file could be resolved peacefully, in addition to the file of the imposed siege on Yemen.

Marib is witnessing the fiercest confrontations between Sana’a forces and Saudi coalition, in which the United States is participating.

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