Recovered Bodies of al-Qaeda Fighters, Sana’a Forces Liberated More sites in Marib

Sana’a forces supported by Houthis’ fighters were able to liberate al-Talaah al-Hamraa completely after liberating al-Tabah al-Sawdaa, official sources in Sana’a said.

The sources pointed out that the Sana’a forces advanced toward stratigic al-Baliq mountain.

According to local sources, During the battles on Sunday, Sana’a forces recovered dozens of bodies of foreign fighters in the ranks of Al-Qaeda in Marib province.

The sources confirmed that the bodies included fighters with Pakistani and Afghan nationalities.

The sources said that Sana’a forces recovered the bodies during their fighting with coalition’s troops in al-Mashjah valley and in al-Talaah al-Hamraa front.

The military media has documented the process of retrieving the bodies of the dead terrorist elements, which will be broadcast soon.

Houthis launched on Sunday a military attack toward the last site of coalition-backed forces and al-Qaeda militants in al-Talaah al-Hamraa of Marib province, local sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The sources declared that the army carried out an offensive targeted coalition’s troops and al-Qaeda militants’ sites in al-Talaah al-Hamraa front.

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