Western newspapers: Saudi Arabia will conduct a direct dialogue with Anssarallah

In its latest edition, American media said that Saudi Arabia will conduct a direct dialogue with Anssarallah, with Iraqi mediation, to arrange a political solution that stops the war on Yemen in a way that guarantees for Saudi Arabia to preserve its face in its lost battle since six years ago, and that was revealed by dailyyemen in a previous article.
The Financial Times newspaper said in its morning version today that the Iraqi Prime Minister, on his visit to Saudi Arabia, received a request from Prince Muhammad bin Salman to mediate before Houthis in order to stop their military advances in Marib. Where the Iraqi Prime Minister started to implement it upon his return to Baghdad
The newspaper pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s choice for Iraq comes because it is an acceptable mediator to Houthis, like the Sultanate of Oman, and it is likely that the Iraqi prime minister has begun arrangements for this.
The Yemeni news has revealed the reasons of the Iraqi visit to Riyadh and what has been occurred during this visit in a previous press article.

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