Saudi Coalition Piracy of Oil Ships Under International Cover

The Saudi-led coalition continues its unjust siege through maritime piracy actions on Yemen aimed at impeding the arrival of oil derivative ships.

A source in Sana’a-based Ministry of Transport stated that a giant oil tanker is on its way to the port of Dhaba in Al-Shahr in Mukalla to ship large quantities of the looted Yemeni oil.

The source said that the giant oil tanker is scheduled to arrive on April 15 with a total capacity of more than 315 thousand tons, and its capacity exceeds two million and 250 thousand barrels of oil.

He explained that what will be looted and transported from the ports of Bir Ali and Dhuba are more than three million barrels of oil, exceeding $ 195 million.

He called on all humanitarian organizations and the international community to activate their humanity towards the Yemeni people by lifting the blockade against Yemen and not to hinder the oil, food, and medicine ships.

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