Desperate attempts to delay Marib battle

The coalition factions stepped up its actions on Saturday on more than one front in Yemen, in which he tries to delay the battle of Marib, in conjunction with an international movement to conclude a new agreement there that will return state institutions to Sana’a

Islah factions intensified its attacks on the positions of Sana’a forces in Al-Jawf and Taiz, at a time when Saudi Arabia supported them with dozens of raids on Marib, Al-Jawf, Al-Baidha and Hajjah.
” Anssarallah ” Media outlets reported that Sana’a forces had repelled an attempt to advance in Al-Kdha front in the southwestern countryside of Taiz.
Meanwhile, Sana’a forces thwarted an attempt by Hadi’s forces to regain positions in Hawishan area in Al-Jawf.
In the context, media sources reported that coalition’s aircraft targeted with four air strikes separate areas in Hajjah and targeted Al-Sawadiyah district with one raid in Al-Baidha.
In addition, the Al-Mazariq area in Al-Jawf subjected to five raids, along with more than 16 raids on the Marib Governorate, which focused on the districts of Medghal and Sirwah.
These developments come on the reality of an escalation in the battles on the west fronts of Marib, up to the neighboring areas of Al-Jawf province.
Tribal sources reported on Sana’a forces success during the battles of the last hours from controlling new areas in Al-Duhaidha and Al-Alam AlAswd and AlAbiad, not to mention Hweishban area.
France Press Agency reported that fierce fighting broke out a few kilometers from the western entrance to Marib city, noting that 22 recruits in Hadi’s forces were killed during the last hours, during which Sanaa’s forces made tangible progress on the ground.
In the context, local sources reported that bulldozers began creating new fortifications, and digging trenches deep in the western neighborhoods of the city, with the intensification of confrontations near to them.
These developments coincide with the continuation visit of the Swedish envoy to Yemen,Peter Semneby, for Milhaf, where he affirmed his support for the political process in Yemen and a peaceful solution, and stressed the need for restoring state institutions, during a meeting with the Islahi governor, but Islah which rose his actions during the past hours on more than one front, informed Semneby, via Al-Arada, of his ability to defend on Marib and his assertion of what he described as protecting state institutions, in reference to their refusal to supply oil revenues of the province to the official authorities in Sana’a, according to what was included in a previous initiative put forward by Sana’a and concerning Marib.
Moving the fronts of Taiz, Al-Jawf and Hajjah provinces by Islah indicates to a final attempt to delay the entry of Sana’a forces into the city, which is its most prominent stronghold. In order to achieve political gains during the negotiations led by the Swedish envoy, who visited Muscat two weeks ago, where Sana’a delegation resides. He announced through Saudi media that his country wanted to conclude an agreement in Marib along the lines of Stockholm Agreement in Hodeida.

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