Islah and STC Renewed Clashes in Abyan

UAE-sponsored Southern Transitional Council (STC) forces surprised on Wednesday the Islah troops with armed attack in Yemen’s southern province of Abyan, local sources said.

The sources said that STC’s gunmen attacked the Saudi-backed Hadi’s government compound where recruits from the “111 Infantry Brigade” and “Special Forces of the Islah Party were present in the coastal town of Ahwar.

The gunmen clashed with the recruits after they fired bullets at the compound building, which is located on the outskirts of the village of Al-Hawl, before they withdrew to an unknown destination.

Earlier, the brother of the commander of the so-called Special Forces, Mdhammed Al-Auban, was killed last Monday, during clashes with the STC militia in the Khabar al-Maraqash area.