Coalition Establishes Secret Underground Prisons at Ghaydah Airport

The Saudi-led coalition forces have established several secret underground prisons at Ghaydah Airport in Mahra province, east of Yemen, local Sheikh Salam Al-Huraizy said on Thursday.

Al-Huraizy, one of sheikhs of the al- Mahra province said in a press statement that the coalition forces have worked during the past few days to build underground buildings that contain 100 solitary cells for prisoners, at Al-Ghaydah Airport, which is being controlled by the Saudi forces for years.

He pointed out that these forces want, through building prisons, to be al-Mahra as the headquarters in torturing, imprisoning and bringing people from everywhere to their peaceful province.

Al-Huraizi called on all American, British, Saudi and Emirati forces to leave the province quickly, after all their plans were exposed.

He also held the coalition responsible for what is happening and what will happen in the future.

Regarding the situation on the island of Socotra, Sheikh Al-Huraizi denounced violations that committed by the UAE militias by kidnappings against the sons of the island, stressing work to unify efforts between the sons of the Mahra, Socotra and all the free people in Yemen to eliminate and expel the occupation from Yemeni lands.

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