Protest in Chicago Solidarity with Yemen

A number of activists in Chicago, the “third largest city in the United States of America”, on Friday held a vigil in solidarity with the Yemeni people and the passage of six years of war on Yemen.

The participants stressed the need to stop the absurd Saudi-led war on Yemen and lift the land, air and sea blockade immediately.

They denounced the US role in supporting the war. They called for a halt to support for Saudi Arabia and taking serious action to stop the war on Yemen, which is now in its seventh year in silence and global failure.

Participants observed a six-minute silence in memory of the victims of Yemen, especially children who were killed by the most heinous criminal means with the direct support of the United States.

The participants then wrote words of solidarity with the Yemeni people and condemned the continuation of the war and US support for the coalition.

The participants told many stories from Yemen about the situation and life under the raids and siege for six years.

In the stories read, activist Danaka conveyed a letter from Yemen written by Ahmed Jahaf entitled “My story with six years of war and siege”, which spoke about daily life in Sana’a under raids and blockade, lack of oil derivatives, high prices due to the Us-Saudi blockade on goods from abroad and the detention of oil derivatives vessels.

“Yemenis know that the massacres and tragedies they have experienced and continue to suffer are not only made by the actions of Saudi Arabia, but also the role of the United States, The Britain, France and other countries that are responsible for this and bear mainly the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world in Yemen,” the activist quoted Jahaf as saying.

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