Al-Houthi Put Three Stipulation to Reach Peace in Yemen

The top leader of Anssarallah movement, Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi, emphasized a number of important points in his speech on the occasion of the National Day of Resilience 2021.

Anssarallah’s Leader affirmed that steadfastness is the principled, human, moral and faith choice of our people, and that it is a legitimate option that cannot be discussed, and as long as the war and siege continues, our people will continue to confront it with all sincerity and determination.

Sayyed al-Houthi advised the Saudi-led coalition to immediately stop the war and siege, indicating that six years are sufficient to prove their failure, and it has become clear that there is no horizon for the Saudi coalition except more failure and crime.

Regarding peace, Sayyed. Abdulmalik affirmed that we are ready for an honorable peace in which there is no trade-off for our people’s right to freedom and independence or for legitimate rights.

He pointed out that the Americans, along with the Saudis and some Europeans and countries, tried to persuade us to barter the humanitarian file with military and political agreements and conditions, and we could neither agree to that nor accept it.

He emphasized that the arrival of petroleum products, food, medical and basic materials is a human and legal entitlement that cannot be in return for blackmail under military and political conditions.

He pointed out that if we had accepted the exploitation of humanitarian files militarily and politically, it would have been a betrayal of our people, and the “enemy” would have relied on justifying their obstruction of the access to humanitarian needs any field clash.

Stop War, Lift Siege, End Occupation.

The Leader of Anssarallah affirmed that the path to peace is clear, addressing the coalition countries: Stop your war against Yemeni people, lift your siege and end your “occupation of our provinces, and we are ready for peace, but we cannot negotiate with right of our people of freedom, independence and dignity, nor for their legitimate rights of access oil derivatives and humanitarian needs.

Al-Houthi also affirmed that our people adhere to their principled stances of faith towards the issues of their nation, foremost among which is the Palestinian cause and denouncing loyalty to the Israeli enemy in the name of normalization.

He pointed out that the work paths of our people in all fields are continuing, and we must strive to transform the challenge into an opportunity, and join efforts formally and popularly to enhance all the factors of steadfastness and move towards construction and development in various fields by focusing on local production, the agricultural sector and industrialization in the country.

Sayyed al-Houthi affirmed the continuous endeavor to purify and reform state institutions to carry out their duties towards the people, and this responsibility is large and complex due to the effects of the previous regime.

He also stressed the need to pay attention to social solidarity and we will endeavor to organize it better. He also called for taking care of giving zakat because it has a great contribution to bridging the suffering of the poor and needy.

At the end of his speech, the Leader of Anssarallah said: We are coming in the seventh year from an advanced position with the grace of God Almighty in terms of military industrialization, field progress, popular awareness, military momentum, security achievement, economic steadfastness, political stability and adherence to the faith stance. We move forward with greater achievements, bigger victories, greater successes, and stronger steadfastness, God Almighty willing.

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