Sana’a Forces launches Naval Operations on Saudi Border

Sana’a forces, backed by popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) carried out a large-scale military operation near the Saudi border, military sources in Sana’a said on Monday

According to the sources, the operation involved naval and ground forces and targeted the northern outskirts of Hajjah province, located on the southern border of Saudi Arabia.

A number of gunboats took part in the operation, the sources added.

During the operation, Sana’a forces were able to retake several positions south and east of Hiran district bordering Abs district, as well as damaged and burned military mechanisms, forcing the coalition militants to flee their site.

Saudi Arabia later attempted revenge by launching an airstrike on the Bani Hassan area of Abs, which its forces had earlier claimed to control.

The operation is the first of its kind to carry out a double attack from land and sea and in an area considered a strategic in the depth of Saudi Arabia, which is deploying a number of brigades there alongside local and Sudanese fighters.

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