Sana’a Thwarting American Plot in Yemen, Vows to Reveal More

The Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, revealed on Saturday, Sanaa’s success in thwarting a dangerous American plot that was being hatched in Yemen, vowing to reveal more details about the American role, which he described as “malicious.”

Brigadier General Sarie, said in an evening tweet that the American goal was to put Yemen on the list of countries who normalized with Israel were it not for the “Quranic project” as he described it.

He also promised to uncover more “malicious” US plans in Yemen, describing what has been published so far as “a small part.”

Sarie was commenting on the film published by Anssarallah satellite channel Al-Masirah, which contained secret documents revealed for the first time, since the fall of the former regime in 2011, and narrated a frightening reality of conspiracy against the Yemeni armed forces during Saleh era.

The film is an episode in a long series that Sana’a started last week with a conference in the moral guidance department, through which it aims to clarify the American role in Yemen to the public opinion, in light of America’s attempts to use the humanity slogan to preserve its influence in this country that has been subjected to war and siege in which United States participate since March 2015.

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