Sana’a SIA Reveals Details of Al-Qaeda in Marib

The SIA revealed the information and names of more than 100 leaders and members of the so-called “the state of Marib” and presented the tasks that are assigned to them.

The Sana’a Security and Intelligence Agency (SIA) revealed the presence of al-Qaeda elements in Marib province.

In its report issued on Saturday, the SIA made clear the organizational structure of the terrorist elements of the so-called ‘the state of Marib’ and the organization activity in the province during the recent period.

The report revealed shelters, houses, farms, camps and hotels used by al-Qaeda militants in the so-called state of Marib and other sites they visited.

The SIA’s report indicated that one of the clear facts is that the United States of America established al-Qaeda to confront the Soviet Union that invaded Afghanistan, which was confirmed by many American officials, headed by Hillary Clinton.

It also pointed out that what had happened in Afghanistan came in coordination with Pakistani intelligence through the Saudi regime whose Wahhabi scholars issued Islamic Fatwas to face the Soviet Union.

It added the Fatwas recruited youths from different countries and pushed them to confront the Soviet Union in Afghanistan under the name of “Jihad.”

The report explained that the United States of America continues to use this paper to strike at countries and peoples that face it indirectly, including Yemen, where the United States used its tools to target Yemen.

According to the SIA’s report, the takfirist terrorist elements, also known as al-Qaeda, carried out a number of criminal and terrorist operations targeting civilians, and supported mercenaries ” the so-called legitimate forces” on a number of military fronts.

Daesh Participate in Fighting Against Houthis in Marib

The SIA’s report explained the Yemeni security services backed by the Sana’a forces and Houthis Fighters managed to cleanse all free lands, in particular in Qaifa and Yakla areas in Al-Baidha province.

The SIA stated that the activity of the al-Qaeda organization in Marib during the recent period is as follows:

  • Marib represents the main artery of al-Qaeda militants who were in Qaifa area in Bayda province.
  • Al-Qaeda established a safe shelter in Shabwa province represented by a medical shelter and a welcome home so as to move their families and return back to Marib to fight against the Sana’a forces and popular committees (Houthis Fighters).

According to the information report, al-Qaeda leadership in Marib uses its members, some belonging to some tribes in Marib, to fight under the command of the Saudi-sponsored forces, like in Murad Mountain front where they carry out artillery support, make bombs and plant mines, under the supervision of the leader of al-Qaeda, Munasir al-Muradi, also known as Zubair al-Muradi,” in al-Juba region at the back of Murad Mountain front.

The leadership of al-Qaeda organization gathered its elements fleeing from Jawf province, in particular in al-Khasaf region, al-Marwan, so as to back the Saudi-sponsored forces under the supervision of Jalal al-Subaie, also known as “Hashed al-Dub.

The report touched on the organizational structure of al-Qaeda operatives in the so-called state of Marib.

Al-Qaeda appointed Samir Rayan, also known as Mutaz al-Hadhrami, as Amir of the state of Marib, medical official Jamal al-Qamadi, known as Abu Abdul Rahman al-San’ani), military logistic official Osama al-Hasani, also known as Muath al-San’ani.

Officials of the roads and transportation are Abdullah al-Zeyadi, also known as Abu Turab al-Marabi, Saleh al-Hijazi, also known as Abu Ammar al-Jahmi) and Majed al-Salami, known as Nimr al-Sana`ani.

The organizational structure also includes the military official in Murad Mountain front who is identified by Munasir al-Muradi, known as Zubair al-Muradi, and the military officers in al-Alm military front  Jalal al-Subaie, known as Hashid al-Dub, and the medical representative at the Commission Hospital in Marib province, Bashir al-Amrani, known as Abu Bakr al-Abi) and the Procurement Officer Wael al-Waeli, Known as Abu Musab al-Waeli, the official of the “housing” shelter is Salem al-Iraqi, known as Bashir, and the military officers of the state of Marib, Akram al-Qalesi, known as Owais al-San’ani.

The SIA revealed the information and names of more than 100 leaders and members of the so-called “the state of Marib” and presented the tasks that are assigned to them.

The general direction of al-Qaeda recently, the SIA indicated that al-Qaeda militants in Marib intend to move to Shabwa province to arrange their situations because they expect to liberate Marib at any moment by the army and popular committees.

The SIA’s report also pointed out that the work of al-Qaeda, especially those members who are from Marib province, will be limited to carry out criminal operations, assassinations and planting devices, and they will carry out their work with a small number of their members.

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