Forming New Coalition in Yemen Led by US with Israeli Participation

United States of America began on Saturday, new moves to reshape coalition of war on Yemen, led by Saudi Arabia for six years, and includes nearly 17 countries, in an indication to American trend to change the war strategy in which participating logistically.

The central command of US naval held video conference in which military leaders from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Israel, Jordan and Egypt participated.

The Commander of US Naval Forces in the Central Command, General Carl Mendy, said that the conference comes within the framework of forming what he described as a new international alliance spreading off Yemeni coasts to secure what he described as shipping lines in the Arab Sea and the Indian Ocean under the name of “Rapid Intervention Forces” and to prevent those who describe them as “Houthis” to get more weapons.

Mendy expressed his optimism about forming new force that aims to protect the security of the region, he said.

The United States had intensified during the last period the transferring of its forces from Somalia and Afghanistan within the framework of repositioning in Gulf region, in conjunction with tension escalation in the region and international pressure to end the war on Yemen.

Israel has also strengthened its deployment in this strategic region extending to the east and south of Yemen.

The establishment of new alliance means the failure of the Saudi coalition formally, since March of 2015 and reconfigure it, and giving United States direct command in the war.

It also indicates that United States, whose new president has pledged to end the war on Yemen, is preparing for a new strategy of war after its political efforts failed to impose its agenda under the name of “peace and end the suffering.”