Accused of Treason, Tens of Coalition Recruits Arrested in Marib

Dozens of officers and recruits loyal to the Saudi-led coalition forces were arrested after being accused of treason in the city of Marib, YPA quoted private sources.

The sources affirmed that leaders of the coalition directed Islah’s military intelligence to arrest the new recruits from the Marib tribes, on charges of treason and communicating with the Yemeni army in Sanaa.

Dozens of officers and recruits arrested took that members of the Intelligence Department of the Ministry of Defense in “Hadi government” to secret prisons in the Military Police camp, the source emphasized.

The source attributed the reason for the campaign of arrests to “security and intelligence penetration” in favor of the Sana’a forces, and their access to up-to-date information about the leaders’ whereabouts and military meetings of the coalition forces.