Taiz: Three Protest Marches Denounce Corruption and Security Chaos

Several protest marches took place on Wednesday in the city of Taiz, denouncing corruption, and the breakdown of security, private universities chaos that raise tuition fees with large percentages

Three mass marches met in Jamal Street in front of Taiz province gate, holding banners calling to dismissal of corrupt officials in oil and gas company branch, while they also chanted slogans calling on the Higher Education ministry to control the chaos of private universities that raise fees for students in large percentage.

A large number of insecurity victims’ families participated in the march to denounce the failure of local authority to put an end to chaos, calling to bring the killers to justice and stop covering them up.

Participants in the marches asserted that keeping tampering gangs unchecked and prosecuted is an encouragement to commit more crimes, according to Alayam newspaper.

The students’ march that kicked off to the province building came after a series of sit-ins, in front of a number of private universities in the city, in which they vowed to escalate if they did not respond to their legitimate demands.