Houthis Impose Complete Siege on City of Marib

Sana’a forces supported by Houthis’ fighters continued to advance militarily against the Saudi-led coalition forces in Marib province, imposing complete siege on Marib city, private sources in the province said.

The sources said that fierce battles broke out between the Sana’a forces and the coalition Army in the northeastern front of the city of Marib, adding that the coalition forces brought in reinforcements from Islah party militants and al-Qaeda members in Hadramout province.

The sources indicated that Houthis were able to clear and take control over al-Nadhud front, advancing towards the coalition camp in Al-Bairaq, which is the eastern garrison of the city.

They bombed “Al-Bairaq” camp, which is becoming under the army’s firepower, with artillery and missiles, according to sources.

Sana’a forces  managed also to penetrate large area to the southwest of the dam of Marib city, according to sources said.

The sources pointed out that the Sana’a forces were be able to clear and controlled over the areas, southwest of Marib Dam, of Qaa Al-Manjoura, hours after it imposed full control over the areas of Jabal Al-Hammar and Arak, and Husan Matwil.

The sources added that the Sana’a army advanced from Dhanah Valley towards Al-Adirim area, the last sites of the coalition forces on the southern shores of the dam, where the area is witnessing fierce battles between the two parties, amid major collapses among al-Qaeda elements and the radical Salafi militants.