Al-Qaeda Appoints Egyptian Emir in Marib

Activists on social media circulated on Wednesday a document issued by Al-Qaeda organization, which includes the appointment of an Egyptian emir of the organization in Marib province, east of Yemen’s modern capital, Sanaa.

The letter attributed to the emir of Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Khaled bin Omar Batarfi, states that the terrorist “Abu Al-Hassan Al-Sulaymani”, an Egyptian national, has been appointed as leader of the organization’s militants in the battles of Marib.

This comes after the killing of the terrorist, “Mohammad Salem Al-Tiyabi,” leader of Al-Qaeda elements who fight in the ranks of the Saudi-led coalition forces, by the fire of the Sana’a forces and the popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) last Saturday in Al-Alam front, north of Marib.

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