Saudi Arabia Mobilize needy youth to fight in Marib

Saudi Arabia has formed committees to attract recruits from the southern Yemeni provinces and send them to fight in the battles ongoing on Marib front, local sources reported on Saturday.

The Saudi committees recruit young men and push them into the battles in Marib through local agents in the provinces under the control of Hadi’s government loyal to Saudi-led coalition, the sources explained.

The attracting committees target sons of poor southern families in return for promises of employment with attractive salaries, and sustainable work visas on the kingdom’s lands after completing their combat duties.

The sources pointed out that those who have been recruited are not numbered or added to any official statements, in a move that reveals the Saudi exploitation of poor youth poverty.

Saudi agents had attracted dozens of young men from the provinces of Taiz, Shabwa, Abyan, and Dhalea under sectarian slogans, the sources added.

It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia has previously used the same method to protect its borders by recruiting many young men from Taiz and other Yemeni southern provinces.