4,500 Coalition-Recruits Joined Sana’a forces in 2020

Sana'a called on the “Coalition-Recruits” to return to the homeland party by contact with “176”.

About 4,500 fighters have been returned to the homeland party since the beginning of the year 2020, according to military official in Sana’a.

Rashad Mohammad Al-Yamani, the head of operations of pro-Houthis National Center for Returnees, said in a statement that the fighters had been deceived by the Saudi-led coalition and fought in the its ranks.

He indicated that the deceived freely go ahead to their villages and areas after completing the procedures to ensure that they will not return to the ranks of the coalition.

Al-Yamani called on the rest of the “deceived fighters” to return to the homeland party by contact with “176”, stressing that the center is ready to provide everything for the returnees and facilitate their access to their villages.