20 Saudi-led Air Strikes hit Marib, Sadaa within 24 Hours

Saudi-led coalition’s fighter jets launched on Monday 13 air strikes on several districts of Marib province, a security source in Sana’a said.

The source confirmed that coalition’s warplanes targeted Sirwah district with 11 air raids and waged two strikes on Madghal district.

in Sa’ada province, Saudi warplanes have waged seven raids on Razeh and al-Dhaher districts.

A security official in Sa’ada explained to Saba that the coalition’s air raids targeted, with four raids, multiple areas of al-Dhaher border district, and three raids on the Razeh district, causing damage to citizens’ properties.

He pointed out that the border areas are constantly exposed to Saudi missile and artillery shelling, exacerbating the suffering of the citizens of those villages and regions.