British Ambassador Sinks in Marib’s Battle, Abandoned his Spies in Sana’a

By: Amro AbdullHameid/y p agency

Britain plays a wide role in the war on Yemen, through its direct and indirect participation in various aspects since launching the war on the 26th of March 2015.

The British intervention didn’t get enough with direct bombardment and military support within the framework of coalition leading a war on Yemen for the sixth year, where the rescue Government unveiled on Monday, a spy cell directly linked to the British Military Intelligence Service (SIS), whose mission is to recruit a number of spies and work to qualify and train them in various Yemeni provinces.

the cell composed of 6 members started its first trials in before the Criminal Court,after British intelligence provided it with means of communication, devices, programs and advanced technical applications in the field of monitoring, tracking, and determining locations, confirm and upload information and coordinates.

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The British ambassador to “Hadi’s government” “Michael Aaron” who did not miss any event, even if it was a social issue in the provinces under the Supreme Political Council authority to speak on it. This time, he did not make any comment about the cell associated with his country, and he went to comment about the ongoing battles in Marib and demanded to stop the attack of the army and the popular committees, to continue his interference in the Yemeni affairs as usual.

In mid-June 2019, the British newspaper “The Guardian” confirmed in a long investigation on the British role in the war on Yemen, in which it concluded that the role of “London” goes beyond arms sales to logistical and operational support on the ground, and that the Saudi and Emirati military operations will not stop until the British support stops.

The newspaper asserted that Britain “is responsible for the worst humanitarian catastrophe the world is currently experiencing, by providing the Saudi Air Force with combat aircraft and bombs, and training Saudi pilots, and the presence of thousands of British contractors who support these operations, which include targeting civilians  … In an organized and systematic manner, and targeting hospitals, Schools, weddings, and even camps of the displaced, according to the newspaper.

The newspaper talked about Britain sending hundreds of soldiers and officers from the British ground forces to Yemen in May 2018, to support Saudi Arabia, stressing that it represents the backbone of the coalition war on Yemen.

The British cover-up behind humanitarian and human rights slogans did not convince “London” media, which indicated that the facts on the ground in Yemen refute the claims of the British government, especially with the continuation of the war and the high number of victims among civilians in various Yemeni provinces.

Observers believe that despite Britain’s departure befor 53 years ago from southern Yemen, and the exit of “Dai Morgan”, the last British officer, London still existed through its agents and those are working today with the coalition, in addition to its close ties with the successive regimes in Yemen.. They pointed out that the British ambassador, “Michael Aaron”, was following the course of events in the Yemeni arena more closely than “Hadi”.

He works extensively to maintain British dominance in the provinces under coalition control.

Hadi and his government’s inability to manage Yemen and bring them into the coalition war made the British ambassador a trustee, issuing instructions and directives in all occupied areas by coalition; various British media outlets before others confirm this.