Coalition recruits in Taiz protest to demand salaries

Dozens of soldiers, who joined the Saudi coalition Army in Taiz, organized on Sunday a vigil, demanding the speedy disbursement of their salaries, which have been cut off for five years after joining the army.

In the vigil that was held on Jamal Street in Taiz center, protesters denounced the policies of exclusion and marginalization of Taiz axis in dealing with them. Condemning the manipulation on their job titles, as they were new entrants.

The participants confirmed that they are commissioned officers and soldiers of the military corporation and they are not new.

Pointing out that partisan and political interaction was the reason behind their exclusion and marginalization over the past years.

Hundreds of recruits who joined the ranks of the legitimacy army in Taiz are complaining. In addition to those affiliated with the so-called “popular resistance”, whose names were dropped and their dues were not paid for more than five years.