Saudi allocates two million Saudi riyals for media campaigns against Houthis

Well-informed media sources revealed that a meeting was held under the supervision of the Saudi ambassador, Mohammed Saeed Al-Jaber, which included media professionals and activists loyal to the coalition, with the aim to launch campaigns against Sana’a and stirring popular discontent against it.

According to sources, the meeting discussed the results of the media campaigns launched by legitimate activists against the Houthis, aimed at showing them in extremism manifestations. In addition, approved of what so call a code of honor binding those participating in media campaigns, and launching campaigns that stir up sectarianism and racism among Yemeni society.

The charter calls to launch campaigns against Houthis only, and to be circulated in the name of popular campaigns. According to the sources, Saudi Arabia will finance the role, as it approved an amount of two million Saudi riyals per month for the first phase of the project, while the activist close to the Saudi ambassador, Adel Al-Ahmadi, has the executive supervision role of the campaigns.