Pregnant Woman Kidnapped in Marib

Coalition forces stabbing protesters against abduction of women

Saudi-led coalition forces in Marib province on Tuesday dispersed a protest, in which women and children participate, to condemn the kidnapping of a number of displaced women from their homes in central of Marib.

Local sources reported that the coalition forces backed by Islah Party militias fired shots in the air and beat many women and children protesting in front of the gate of Marib Security Directorate, which resulted in light and moderate injuries among the protesters.

The protesters called for the release of eight female detainees from the displaced women who were abducted by the Islah party militia last Saturday evening, from ‘Al-Zira’ah’ neighborhood in Marib city.

Meanwhile,  Coalition’s forces and Islah party’s troops continued kidnapping women in Marib province.

Local residents mentioned that one of the kidnapped women was pregnant and they took her on a military vehicle to prisons of coalition’s forces.

The residents declared that recruits of special forces of coalition took the pregnant woman while she pleading them, saying: Fear God, leave me, I have children, and I am a pregnant woman in the eighth month – fear God.

The residents added that the recruits’ answer was that these are the directions of the commander Abu Muhammad Shaalan”, we cannot leave you.

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