prevents relatives, lawyers from visiting…Islah authority tortures a prisoner in Taiz

Islah authority tortures a prisoner in Taiz Central Prison excessively، while the prison director has prevented his family and lawyer from visiting him.

A lawyer and human rights activist called to put an end to the violence and torture that prisoners are subjected to, in Taiz Central Prison.

She said that she visited the prison and saw one of the prisoners who had been subjected to torture and severe beatings.

Attorney Nabila Al-Jaboubi confirmed, “During my visit to a prisoner in the Central Prison in Taiz, I was surprised by what I saw of signs of violence and torture on a prisoner body that I was assigned to follow up his case.”

It added, “What happened to the prisoner is a blatant violation to his rights, and an abuse to his dignity by Islah militants, with orders of prison director, without any legal justification allowing them to commit such violations, except that he tried to suffocate himself because he suffers from a psychological condition.

Al-Juboubi noted that she went to the Central Prison director and informed him on the violation that had occurred to her client, the violence he was subjected to aggravated his psychological suffering, but the director of the prison expelled her.

In a post on Facebook, she pointed out that she was surprised by the reaction of the prison director, who spoke arrogantly, insulted her and expel her, ordering the prison guard to prevent her from entering again, as well as preventing anyone from visiting the prisoner, even his relatives and family.

Al-Jaboubi called on the security authorities to take the necessary measures regarding the violations that prisoners are subjected to in the Central Prison. It also called on human rights organizations to document violations and put an end to them.