Sana’a: UN Delays Arrival of FSO Safer Technical Team

Deputy Foreign Minister of Sana’a government Hussein al-Ezzi said on Friday the United Nations delays the arrival of Safer technical team into Hodeida port.

“Unfortunately, the United Nations has submitted to us additional requests outside the agreement and far from the agreed framework of action signed by the two parties regarding FSO Safer, al-Ezzi explained.

In a statement to Houthis-run Saba news agency, al-Ezzi said National Salvation Government (Houthis’ government) informed the United Nations of the importance of respecting the special agreements and its new demands related to their financial relations with insurance companies, adding ” we are distancing ourselves from getting involved in something that does not concern us.”

He affirmed the continuous postponement and change of the arrival dates of the technical team of Safer floating oil storage has happened and is happening by the United Nations ”unilaterally”.

Sana’a  Deputy Foreign Minister said, for our part, “we have demonstrated our great interest and concern” in this issue.

Al-Ezzi pointed out in light of the developments in the American hostile attitude towards the Yemeni people, Yemen is currently exerting vigorous efforts to ensure that there is no suspicious connection between the team and Washington.