STC vows to take deterrent measures against Hadi gov’t

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) has announced that any decisions made by the Hadi government that are not being previously consulted with the presidency of the Council will not be implemented.

In a statement on Sunday, the STC threatened to take appropriate steps due to the functional appointments of Hadi’s government, calling on Saudi Arabia to assume its responsibility as the sponsor of the Riyadh Accord.

The statement called for the cancellation and cessation of unilateral resolutions of any kind.

The Council’s statement rejected the “provocative military actions of the Islah party in the Shuqra front, and the re-deployment of its militants in some outposts, from which it had previously withdrawn, in accordance with the plan to implement the military component of the Riyadh Agreement,” the statement said.

The STC also renewed its demand for the Saudis to visit areas of friction between its forces and al-Islah troops in Shuqra.