Dead and wounded in clashes in Aden

At least one recruit was killed and three others were injured on Saturday in clashes broke out between two major factions of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) factions in Adan, Yemen News Portal reported.
According to the sources, the victim belonged to the security belt faction and was part of a campaign to prevent any new developments on a land belonging to a water treatment controlled by security factions led by Shalal Shaye for days.
Both sides used various types of weapons, including mortars and RBJ in the clashes, one of the sources said.
Armed men loyal to the resigned director of Aden security controlled the land a few days ago in conjunction with the visit of the new director of security of Aden to the headquarters of the security belt as part of his efforts to exclude Shayea’s factions who is being accused of masterminding the chaos.
Although the STC is trying to portray the clashes as disputes over lands of the city.
Over 30 armed factions with a regional ideology widely deployed in the city. This could turn it into a battleground for regional confrontations, especially in light of the escalating tension between the factions of Dhalea and Yafea in the security belt forces .

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