Marib: Tribal consultations to withdraw fighters and negotiate with Houthis

Tribal sources in Marib revealed consultations between the leaders of tribal military units, following the fall of Mas camp at the hands of Houthis.

According to the sources, the tribes accuse Islah party of withdrawing from Mas camp despite the sacrifices made by the tribal fighters.

Tribes are also calling for an investigation into the document talks about raising the coordinates of their force’s locations, which oppose Islah.

According to the sources, the tribes intend to make a decision to withdraw the fighters of the tribesmen from all military axes, so that the legitimacy proves their seriousness in the war and stops disregarding the blood of Marib people.

The sources confirm that there are demands from the tribes to withdraw legitimacy forces from Hadhramaut and Abyan provinces in order to fight their own battle, unless the tribes will not be victims of this battle.

News were circulated by tribesmen, that there is a tribal consensus to open communication channels with Houthis, to spare Marib city the war.

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