Houthis controls one of the largest legitimate camps in Marib

An international news agency said that Houthi forces took control at Saturday’s dawn one of the largest Yemeni army camps belong to Yemeni government, in Marib province.

Russian “Sputnik” agency quoted from a source in local authority of Marib province, saying that Houthis forces stormed the strategic camp of Mas in Medghal district, northwest of Marib city following an attack it launched from several axes that left many dead and wounded on both sides.

He added that “the Yemeni army units that were stationed in Mas Camp withdrew after Houthi fighters penetrated the camp’s defense lines.”

He pointed out that the continued military pressure of Houthi forces on the Yemeni army in areas towards Mas camp has prompted government forces, in recent days, to empty the camps of heavy machinery and equipment, especially after Saudi forces withdrew various artillery vehicles belonging to them to Tadawain camp, east of Marib.

“Sputnik” agency indicated that Houthi forces control on the strategic camp, which is the headquarters of the seventh military region to the Yemeni army, would confuse the government forces, especially as it represents one of the most important defense lines in Marib city, and its fall paves the way for Houthi’s forces to advance towards the city, which includes the headquarters of defense  Ministry, and camps belonging to the coalition, along to oil and other vital installations.