SAM calls for the disclosure of fate of forcibly disappeared soldiers

SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms said that Saudi Arabia, the legitimate government and Anssarallah government are obligated to disclose the fate of thousands of Yemeni soldiers who were forcibly disappeared in prisons supervised by Saudi Arabia, or held by Houthis at the southern border.

The organization confirmed in a report that it had received dozens of reports from the families of “southern border” detainees of Saudi Arabia, especially the detainees of “AlJabara” battle, who were arrested in August of last year.

It said that many Yemeni soldiers were deported to the capital Sana’a, after they were captured by Houthis forces, and they were allowed to communicate with their families for minutes.

According to documented certificates by the organization, soldiers are being treated badly, including delayed payment of salaries and neglect the wounded, as well as arbitrary arrests and enforced disappearances.

Battle of the Jabara Valley occurred after a Saudi-backed military force with strength about 1,100 fighters from Al-Fateh Brigade – which not approved by the Yemeni Ministry of Defense – launched an attack against Houthis.

According to the testimonies of soldiers survived from the battle, the brigade entered the valley without resistance at the beginning, before Houthis encircled and besieged them for four days, while Saudi air was unable to break the blockade.

On August 29, 2019, there was a small breakthrough with the escape of about 100 men from the pro-Saudi forces, and about 700 soldiers surrendered, while others were killed.